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LayerZero Series 70 ePanel

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LayerZero Series 70: ePanel-1

42-Circuit Wall-Mounted Remote Power Panel

The Series 70 ePanel™ is a wall-mounted power distribution unit with an emphasis on safety, reliability, information centricity, and connectivity. The Series 70 ePanel-1 is available with 42 circuits, and the Series 70 ePanel-2 is available with 84 circuits, with optional monitoring and flexible configurations. The space saving design of Series 70: ePanel mounts against the wall, appropriate for computer rooms, hospitals, electrical rooms, or raised data center floors.   

For maximum reliability, the Series 70 ePanel™ Panel Board features the IP-20 listed finger-safe SafePanel™ with high-speed selective trip coordination, which guarantees the main breaker will not trip if there is a downstream fault. The ePanel has high-reliability connection points, with optional 2-hole long barrel compression-style external connections. The status of the mains and breakers can be viewed through the polycarbonate window.

The ePanel™ Panel Board is built for safety, equipped with InSight™ IR Portholes so that operators can safely scan all bolted connections and mission-critical panel boards with minimal safety exposure. The ePanel features oversized gutters for operator safety during wiring, and convenient wireways for wire routing and secure load wiring. The SafePanel™ is safe to use, featuring finger-safe breakers, isolated securing screws, recessed connection wells, and protective covers over unused breaker positions.

Series 70 ePanel™ products deliver a great deal of information, including power quality event-based waveform captures, enabling users to audit the integrity of source-side and customer-load side distribution. In addition, the Series 70 ePanel™ provides predictive planning of potentially overloaded circuits with high-watermark and overload alarms. Waveform captures are event-based, and can be manually triggered.

The Series 70 ePanel™ provides plug and play connectivity, utilizing open protocols designed to work with open system management software. A single Cat5 cable provides access to all media over Modbus, http, and SNMP. Bluetooth connectivity permits remote panel setup capabilities, customizing panel directories, setup of breaker sizes, and setup of poles.

Fit for many applications, the Series 70 ePanel™ Panel Board offers many flexible configurations, available two sizes, with Plug-In or Draw-Out Breakers. Inspired by NFPA 70E and designed for operations with strict reliability requirements, the Series 70 ePanel™ provides a power distribution solution that protects the critical load, while maintaining constant system uptime.

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