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LayerZero Series 70 - eRPP

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LayerZero Series 70: eRPP

Remote Power Panel

The Series 70 eRPP is a Power Distribution Unit that takes the reduced voltage from transformers and distributes this power directly to the individual critical operation.

Reliability Increase Number 1: Finger Safe
The panel board of the eRPP is designed for maximum operator safety with a fully enclosed current-carrying bus embedded in a resin injection mold.  Branch breakers are inserted into IP-20 (finger-safe) wells and bolted into place using non-conducting screws. Perfect for a raised-floor application, all feeder and branch connections can be thermal scanned from the top. The eRPP delivers a wealth of information, including Waveform Capture, branch circuit breaker level monitoring, main circuit breaker level monitoring, and feeder level monitoring where appropriate. The information is displayed locally via the LCD, and is remotely accessible using a variety of open protocols - including Modbus TCP and http.

Reliability Increase Number 2: Selective Trip coordination

The Series 70 eRPP is supplied with circuit breakers that are tested for selective trip coordination up to 25kAIC. In the event of a downstream fault, the branch breaker will always trip before the main breaker under fault conditions up to 25,000AIC. The breakers used are fast acting and open in less than 4 milliseconds; traditional zero-crossing breakers are not sufficient. The eRPP features a flexible design to meet your changing needs, including six redundant topologies and eight non-redundant topologies. LayerZero eRPPs are designed for mission-critical work in both 225A and high-density 440A applications.

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