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Raritan Dominion KSX2

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Dominion KSX II is an integrated, hardware-based solution that offers you secure, remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) access, serial device management and power control. Targeted at branch and remote offices, the Dominion KSX II is also ideal for labs, computer rooms and data centers with racks containing both serial-and KVM-controlled devices. With Dominion KSX II, you’ll reduce travel costs, decrease downtime, increase productivity and increase security. Unlike other remote control software solutions, Dominion KSX II provides:


  • One consolidated view of all IT equipment connected to the KSX II
  • A single, platform-independent solution offering centralized, integrated and secure control
  • Supports servers with VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort video
  • BIOS-level KVM-over-IP control of computer servers, console-level control of serial devices and remote power control
  • Virtual media, giving users the ability to install software, run hardware diagnostics, transfer files and even remotely reimage a server
  • Absolute Mouse Synchronization™, which reduces installation time and sets a new standard for mouse synchronization
  • Network-independent access via a built-in modem for emergency access

Raritan’s Dominion KSX II is designed specifically to make the management of your IT infrastructure at branch locations faster, easier, simpler and more cost-effective. This innovative device combines secure BIOS-level KVM over IP, console-level access and cold-start power control (when used with the Dominion PX™) of everything in your remote server rooms. This means that from anywhere you access the Web, you can directly access, troubleshoot and even reboot all of your remote equipment, including:

Application servers                                             Serial IT equipment                                             Security interfaces

File/Print servers                                                Switches                                                            Domain servers

Headless servers                                                Routers                                                              Load balancers

Network appliances                                             Firewalls                                                             Environmental control


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