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Raritan Dominion KX2-101 V2

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Dominion KX II-101 V2 is a next-generation KVM-over-IP device that eliminates the blocking factor inherent in switched KVM architectures to provide anytime, anywhere un-blocked access and BIOS-level control of a single server, via a dedicated IP address. The Dominion KX2-101 V2 raises the bar with standard features such as: virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, 1920x1080 video resolution, Asian language support, IPv6, secure FIPS 140-2 encryption and mobile access via iPhone® or iPad®.


  • Palm-size and highly portable, the Dominion KX II-101 V2 can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the side of a rack, making it ideal for small, remote locations with a limited number of servers.
  • Dominion KX II-101 V2 features Absolute Mouse Synchronization™, which reduces installation time and sets a new standard for mouse synchronization
  • Small business, home or branch offices
  • Non-IT devices such as retail/point-of-sale displays, signage and kiosks, as well as medical and military equipment
  • Plug-and-play appliance is easily installed; up and running in minutes
  • Firmware upgradeable over IP network connection
  • Supports Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and Solaris™ platforms

A full set of features plus an innovative user interface 

The Dominion KX II-101 V2 is a small but complete package of KVM-over-IP innovations. It works with the industry’s widest range of browsers and operating systems, so you can use almost any combination of OS and browser. It also incorporates Raritan’s Virtual KVM Desktop™ features to provide a user experience that is indistinguishable from an at-therack connection.

CommandCenter® Certified for Scalability

Dominion KX II -101 V2 is incredibly scalable. And because it is CommandCenter-certified, a large number of Dominion KX II-101 V2 units can be integrated through Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway into a single logical network, with a single sign-on from a single IP address.

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