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Raritan PXE Power Dsitribution

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The Raritan PXE family of rack power distribution units (PDUs) offers real-time remote power monitoring of power at the inlet: RMS current per line (amps), RMS voltage per line pair, apparent and active power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh). The PXE series comes in 1U and Zero U models, voltages from single phase 120V AC to three phase 208V AC, 15A to 50A and various combinations of IEC C-13, IEC C-19 and NEMA 5-20R outlets.

Raritan power management solutions enable data center and facilities managers to:

  • Make informed capacity planning decisions
  • Efficiently utilize power resources
  • Improve uptime and staff productivity
  • Save power and money
  • Drive green data center initiatives

PXE offers accurate real-time power monitoring and metering. It provides alerts based on preset power and environment events. All PXEs are environment monitoring ready and accept Raritan’s plug-and-play environment sensors. The PXE intelligent rack PDU allows you to:


  • Find stranded power in racks
  • Load balance lines and circuits
  • Trend and track energy utilization
  • Detect data center hot spots
  • Eliminate overcooling and increase temperature set points safely
  • Support hot aisle containment

The PXE has four ports. Ethernet (RJ-45) to connect it to a network. This connection is necessary to administer or access the PXE remotely using the Web interface. There are two small LEDs adjacent to the port: green indicates a physical link and activity and yellow indicates communications at 10/100 BaseT speeds. The sensor port (RJ-12) is used to connect Raritan’s optional environment sensors. Users can specify environmental sensor location attributes. A USB-B port is used to establish a USB connection between a computer and the PXE. An RS-485 (RJ-45) is reserved for a future release.

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