Our Products

Superior products and world-class service. We are a factory authorized distributor and service centre for all of the products we represent, with a team of experts ready to serve you around the clock.

Single Phase UPS

Looking for Single Phase power protection? Check out our offerings of NXT, Powervar, and Minuteman UPS systems.

Power Conditioners

Power conditioners supply electronics and computer systems with fully conditioned power and protects them from hardware damage and power problems like common-mode voltage and spikes and transients.

Power Distribution

VitalSine offers many options for your facility’s power distribution and switching needs. For distribution, choose from various applications. For all of your environmental monitoring needs, we carry Packet Power.

Battery Monitoring

Whether for UPS Flooded Cell or VRLA, Switchgear, or TeleCom systems, BTECH has the monitoring solution you need.

Kohler Generators

Whether it’s a severe storm or utility failure, KOHLER® generators keep your home or business comfortable, safe and secure.

Mitsubishi Three Phase

Mitsubishi Electric’s three-phase power supply systems are designed to provide a steady stream of constant power to equipment.