BTECH S5 Battery Validation System

BTECH’s S5 Series Battery Monitoring and Validation System has been designed specifically for any battery system. BTECH’s impedance measurement technology is considered the reference method for stationary monitoring system ohmic testing. BTECH’s S5 system has the sensitivity and high-end filtering required to find failing cells in any application and UPS/charger type. BTECH’s patented rate of change analysis finds bad units well before they pose a risk to your critical systems. BTECH’s S5 system uses fewer wires than any competitors. The wire set is pre-designed, pre-terminated and tested; cutting installation time in half while increasing system reliability.

Key System Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring of System/String/Unit Voltages, Float, Charge and Discharge Current
  • Real-Time Thermal Runaway Management: Ambient, Pilot Cell and Differential unit temperatures (Delta T) are recorded
  • Programmable Cell Impedance Measurement: Up to 24x /Day
  • Up to 480 Individual Units and 8 Strings per system
  • For use with all battery jars, including 16 Volt
  • Individual String Current Monitoring for multi-string systems
  • Complete Isolation from the Battery String

Technical Documents