TwinSource – Transfer Switches

TwinSource Rack-Mounted Automatic Transfer Switches Provide the Highest Reliability of Electrical Supply at 7×24 Mission Critical Facilities For Protection of Single Cord, Dual Cord, and Triple Cord Electronic Loads

​TwinSource manufactures rack-mount automatic transfer switches in both solid state (single phase and three phase) and electromechanical (single phase) versions.​

The DCC-II solid state or static transfer switch has been our flagship product for over 10 years and is a two-pole, single phase device available in ratings of 30A, 40A, and 50A (10KW) in all worldwide voltages and frequencies. A three phase, 4-wire, four-pole version has been introduced as well that comes in 208/120V (US Applications Only), 50A, 18KW for higher power 3 phase situations. 4 pole is necessary to also disconnect/reconnect the source neutrals in a transfer.

The DCC-III solid state or static transfer switch is a four-pole, three phase device available in the rating of 50A @ 208/120 volts, (18KW), only for the North American market at this time with 230/400V version currently in development. The 4th pole is necessary to disconnect & reconnect the source neutrals in a transfer.

The DCC-I electromechanical transfer switch is available in a 24A rating in all worldwide voltages. The DCC-I contains patented MagLatch™ technology that utilizes magnetically latching relays to achieve higher ATS reliability.​

These systems all operate on the basis of powering your critical load from a preferred source and in the event that source falls outside your pre-set specifications, then the system transfers the load to the alternate supply automatically. It does this quickly in less than 1/4 cycle for the SCR based systems and in less than 1/2 cycle for the electromechanical version, all without any risk of dropping the load or cross connecting the sources. The Preferred Source can be selected by a simple push of a button, remotely through the RS 485 port, or through a settings selection.

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