NXT Power – Integrity Max L/T Series

When it comes to keeping your mission-critical applications up and running, you need a UPS that you can rely on. That’s where the NXT Power Integrity Max® L/T comes in, the industry’s first 2 & 3 kVA/120VA UPS!

The new Integrity Max® L/T is an online double conversion UPS engineered to be sleek and ergonomic that provides stable and uninterrupted power to keep your systems running smoothly.

The Integrity Max® L/T is built to last with industry-leading efficiency, durability, and performance. With the ability to power sophisticated computer loads with high inrush current and high crest factors, you can eliminate oversizing and reduce operating costs.

Trust the industry-leading UPS Line to keep your systems up and running when it matters most.

  • Online double conversion topology
  • Product line options range from 2 kVA/120 volts and 3 kVA/120 volts.
  • 0.9 unity output power factor
  • Stable output over a wide range of input voltage and frequencies
  • UL Listed and CE marked
  • Includes NXT Power 3-year warranty

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