NXT Power – Integrity Pro Desktop Series

Its sleek design is specifically envisioned for POS terminals and small office systems. Engineered with a low impedance isolation transformer, surge diverter, and noise filter within its UPS design to deliver fully conditioned power to prevent noise, spikes, and transients before they can damage or degrade your equipment. The Integrity Pro Desktop UPS also operates with a 24 V DC connection and eliminates the need for a power brick or otherwise also known as a “wall wart”. Each unit meets the safety requirements of UL1778 to ensure product safety and reliability all the while providing best-in-class power quality.

Every NXT Power INTEGRITY PRO Desktop UPS has “NXT GROUND” integrated within each unit and combines surge diversion with a highly effective low impedance isolation transformer and noise filtering. NXT GROUND provides networked systems with benefits beyond traditional power conditioners by eliminating ground loops that cause system lock-ups.

  • Low impedance isolation transformer and line-interactive operation
  • Help your customers protect their electronic systems and ensure uptime
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected from problems due to common-mode voltage, power outages, spikes, and transients
  • 24V DC Connection for printer connection
  • Meet the safety requirements of UL1778
  • Product sizes range from 250VA and 400VA
  • Includes NXT Power Full 3-Year Warranty

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